2014 Bucket List

1. Post at least 1 post a week on my blog Started well on that one… but didn’t keep the distance… 
2. Have a successful blog that many people read
3. Get a nicer design (even if I’m pretty happy with the basic one)
4. Contribute to a blog that I love
5. Subscribe to BirchBox and have fun giving feedbacks about products on the blog
6. Share free printables that I designed
7. Go to every Pdx bloggers meeting to learn more and meet other bloggers I went to 2 already, but couldn’t go to others because of work

8. Visit my friends in Canada
9. Go back to France to visit my family
10. Go back to Tennessee to visit my friends
11. Go back to San Diego to visit my friends, Matt and Dorothée and meet their daughter Wish it was for a happier reason, but went from November 5th to 10th
12. Go back to Vegas!! It’s planned for 2015!

13. Start my freelancer business We opened our business in January!
14. Find the perfect job – 4/14 Started a new job at Nike. Doesn’t seem that it will bring me far but I got a new job with a Life Coach that I actually like and that may bring me good things in the future
15. Organize my friend Dorothée’s baby shower I could not but I helped the girl that organized it and made some decoration
16. Get my certification in accounting
17. Participate in a wedding organization to know more about it
18. Learn more about graphic design
19. Realize the business plan for my longtime and dream project

20. Set up my ETSY shop
21. Make my Etsy shop successful
22. Have some of my articles presented in Treasurers
23. Have some of my articles featured in a blog article (not mine of course 🙂 )

24. Play my first roller derby game in Portland Took a break this summer, not sure I will be back in Portland…
25. Get in shape to be better at roller derby Doesn’t need to be for roller derby!
26. Try to run more often and train to run a 5k – 4/8 Started to run! First 5k was supposed to be August 16th but was cancelled…
27. Go hiking with my husband this summer

28. Reach 8 months of time spent watching series (I use the iphone app TVshow time and it tells in your entire like how many hours did you watch series) Reached 7 months, 17 hours, 8 minutes and 51 secondes
29. Take more time to read books Getting there, trying to read every day in the tram
30. Get a piano to start playing again
31. Learn how to sew
32. Learn how to play guitar
33. Visit Portland! July ~ My parents came to visit so we explored the city for 2 weeks!
34. Send more letters in the mail to my friends and family

DIY / Cooking
35. Realize all the things that I added on my Pinterest
36. Cooking more often and cook healthy
37. Cook myself things that we usually buy at the grocery store like peanut butter, ice cream, hummus and other I did peanut butter and hummus several time! We love it way more than the processed one, now time to buy a better food processor!
38. Can my own food and go Portland Preservation Society meetings I already did strawberry jam and tomato sauce, now time to do more to go to a meeting!

39. Find the perfect house to rent next summer We decided to move into an apartment since we could’nt find a house. We’re moving on 9/27
40. Grow our own veggies from seeds We did and we have a lot!! Butternut squash, zucchinis, tomatoes, garlic, sweet onions, lettuce, basil, oregano, mint, radish, beets, lavender
41. Can the veggies we grow in our yard for the rest of the year We did the first batch of tomato sauce on 08/10 and the second on 08/21
42. Buy our first house Maybe in 2015… We started the search process officially on October 29th!!

Things I want to get
43. Get a black cat
44. Sell my old car finally and get a new one
45. Have one cube of my expedit shelve, full of vinyl We reached it, my husband got a little crazy on buying vinyls!
46. Get an antique handwriter

47. Make my husband quit his video game (haha we all have those kind of dreams)
48. Try to get out more with the hubby as soon as we both have a good job We finally both have a job!
49. Go to the movies with the hubby more often
50. Hang out more often with my friends, plan to go out at least once a month
51. No more diet but eat more healthy We are working on that!
52. Grow my hair enough to be able to donate it
53. Find the perfect agenda I tried the Bullet Journal, I love it!
54. Start a personal journal 08/05 I bought one and I started to write on it, now I answer to a question a day!
55. Stop caring about what strangers from the internet think (Stole this one from Aspen Summit, but she’s so right!!)