Two French expatriates in the United States


Julie French SparkMy name is Julie, I’m originally from France, and I live in the US since 2010. I live in the US thanks to a green card because my husband is American and I work in the marketing business, as a SEM and SEO Specialist.

When I don’t work I work with my husband on our house that we bought in August 2015, or I spend my evening reading blogs and explore Pinterest!

I created that blog in 2014, hoping that it would become a professional tool for me to find the perfect job. A year later, after posting mainly about my expatriation, Caroline joined me in the blogging adventure so we can both talk about our life in the US.

Dates of my life


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Caroline To come

On the blog

How we met
Julie arrived in 2010 to get her second master at ETSU (East Tennessee State University) in Johnson City, TN. When she arrived, she got to know a group of French students who were on campus since a year thanks to an exchange program with their French school Euromed. Caroline was part of those students and never left the area after being done with school. We stayed friends all those years, and despite Julie’s moving on the other side of the US, we are texting each other non stop to talk about anything and Julie try to come back in Tennessee as much as she can and visit Caroline at the same time!

What you can find on our blog
We will tell you more about our professional experience, what we have done in our life. We will talk mainly about our experience as a French expatriate in the United States. We will tell you more about our trips while sharing our tips, we will talk about culture differences between the US and France, and much more!



Cities we live in

Kingsport, TN
To come

Vancouver, WA
Yes, there is a Vancouver in the US too, and it’s not far from the one in Canada. We are in Washington state, such as Seattle, but we are 5 minutes away from Oregon and Portland, OR. Most of the time we tell people that we live in Portland, because it’s easier to explain since both cities are so close. North of Portland, there are the Washington river, that is the border between Oregon and Washington and the border between Vancouver and Portland. Both cities are linked by 2 bridges, 2 of those bridge that make the city of Portland so popular because some of their bridges are just gorgeous, all in metal and got lifted often to let boat go under and create huge traffic… Needless to say that having only 2 bridge to cross the river involve very long drive home after work since most of the people living in Vancouver work in Portland. Hopefully I’m not part of those people anymore and I have the chance to stay in Washington to work!