April in Instagram pictures #5

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April, 3rd 
1. Yannick Hamon was showing his artwork at White Space all month, here are two of his artworks.
April, 4th 
2. Vegetables progress. It is impressing to see those pictures a month after, tomatoes are huge now.
April, 6th 
3. It is spring time and we have tons of tulips everywhere in the yard!
April, 7th 
4. Tomatoes didn’t look that good so we planted them in bigger pots so they could grow more easily.
5. I injured my shoulder playing roller derby, since it was painful 24/7 I went get acupuncture and this is the bruises from cupping. If you are looking for a great place to get acupuncture in Portland, SPortland Acupuncture is the place to go!!
April, 8th 
6. We realized that Randy got a little fat during the winter so we took him on a walk since the weather was nice and I kept going on my own for a little run after. Randy was done after 1km and that was too short for me.
7. This is how he looked after walking 1km, proof that he was way out of shape!
8. And a few minutes after he was just fine and tanning in the yard!
April, 9th 
9. We started to have flowers on our zucchinis!
10. I tried a new smoothie bananas, frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries), a few pitted dates and little chunks of chocolate.
11. My first homemade hummus! We love that one with chickpeas, peanut butter, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic
April, 10th 
12. Healthy chocolate mousse for breakfast, recipe modified from alouette_ : avocado, bananas, cacao, maple syrup, pitted dates and coconut milk
April, 11th 
13. Morning little walk with Randy and Jon to get that doggy back in shape!
14. Roller derby game, Breakneck Betties vs Heartless Heathers, probably the most exciting game of the season!
April, 13th 
15. Evening walk on a sunny day to discover the neighborhood
April, 15th 
16. Going to work wearing my new Nike outfit! Just love it!!
17. Back on skates after a shoulder injury that kept me away from the track for more than a month and a half
April, 21st 
18. Run with Randy under the rain to raise money for the Boston marathon bombing victims
April, 22nd 
19. It was our first year anniversary!
April, 24th 
20. I finally received my Easter package from France, Kinder chocolates, Fauchon tea and Leonidas chocolates that they produce once a year for Easter and that I’m waiting on every year, they are my favorites!
March, 25th 
21. New hummus recipe with chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, salt and water
March, 26th 
22. 3.32km run with an unhappy Randy!
March, 30th 
23. Beach day with the hubby in Lincoln City, OR
24. Our yard progress, we planted outside a lot of plants and we bring the tomatoes outside during the day, they loved those sunny days and grew so much!