August in Instagram pictures #7

Nike Portland shirts MLS experience fan pass MLS all star week concert Flaming Lips concert Homegrown tomatoes Nike+ run 3.19km  2014-08-06 19.09.46 2014-08-10 16.42.48 Homegrown tomatoes Homemade tomato sauce Widmer Brothers Pub cider Starbucks tea and Moleskine notebooks Nike+ run 2.53km Nike+ SportWatch Homemade tomato sauce Randy the unicorn Randy the lobster Randy and his beaver toy Cat sitting  Homemade tomato sauce Homegrown potatoes

Main moments of the month

  • Limited edition shirts from Nike Portland
  • MLS All star week in Portland
  • Free Flaming Lips concert, it was pretty awesome
  • MLS all star game against Bayern Munich, thanks to a friend we were able to go to the game for free. I’m not a big soccer fan but it was pretty fun!
  • Lots of veggies from the yard, especially tomatoes!
  • Lots of tomato sauce canning, we had so much tomatoes this year, we will have a lot of cans for the coming year!
  • Cider at Widmer Brothers Pub
  • House hunting: We are looking for another smaller house or an apartment to save money, but it’s hard to find any place to rent!
  • A few runs with Mr Randy! And I got my new Nike GPS watch for my birthday!
  • My birthday presents including Randy as a unicorn and a lobster
  • Cat sitting while my friends are in Europe! I made new best friends 🙂