Bucket Lists 2014 #8

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It’s January 1st and it’s time to update our 2014 bucket list and create a new one for 2015!

I love Bucket Lists, it gives me something to dream for and have goals to reach. I have an ultimate one that I’m sure is not complete, I have so many dreams. I know that I won’t be able to realize most of those goals in the next year that’s why I have two different lists.

I have another one for the year, goals that I want to reach during the current year. It was hard to cross off everything on my 2014 list, my year was very busy but I’m not giving up, I will try to complete it in 2015! I didn’t add much on my 2015 list, I think I saw too big in 2014, so I just added a few things and I hope to realize all those goals by the end of 2015.

Let’s talk about that 2014 list more in detail!

Blogging and Etsy goals : I started well, I designed a blog that I liked, I wrote a lot of articles (some are still in my draft file, ready to be posted!!), then I got a job… then 2… and I won’t lie my life went insane!! So I didn’t really had time to do anything! I still went to a few Pdx bloggers meetings, I met a lot of people, but I hope that in 2015 I will be able to post more!

Travelling goals : This year was a little hard financially so we could not travel that much. I went back to San Diego tho, and I loved every minute of it! We also went to Seattle before Christmas, it was amazing and we can’t wait to go back!! In 2015 I already planned a trip to Vegas with my friend Marina on the first week-end of May, then hopefully I will finally go back to France this summer (one of my best friend is getting married), unfortunately maybe on my own… We also plan on going back to Tennessee for Thanksgiving for one of my best friend’s wedding (yes one more!), so hopefully we will be able to do all that… financially!


Job goals : We started our own business, my husband developed his personal projects, we both got very busy with our jobs so we kind of stop everything but hopefully we’ll get more organized to work on it again in 2015. I also realized that the perfect job, that I always hoped for, does not really exist. Moving to the Nike headquarter, is apparently pretty complicated when you already work for the firm but in retail. Even if you have a lot of degrees and experience, so I kind of gave up, and maybe make it a goal for later. However, the perfect job that I wanted does not really exist, or basically is not reachable. I met one of the person that has that job, and there are just a very very very few of these positions and people are really not ready to give them away, so I can keep hoping and work for it but I need to be realistic. Then I realized that maybe the dream job is not what I was looking for. I started to work for a Life Coach, I was supposed to be the Marketing coordinator for his firm. I was happy to get more experience in Marketing in the US, to help me reach my goals. Well, turns out that I started to work on as an Admin, and I redesign the website, and apparently I’m pretty good at it, so I’m gonna keep working on that and someone else got hired to work on the Marketing. I was pretty mad at first and I tried to look for another job, then I realized that I actually liked what I was doing, that my boss was very thankful for all my hard work, that he trusted me to move up within his firm, and train me to teach other people how to become a life coach. I never dreamed to become a life coach but if you think about all the possibilities that could come from a training like that. I could help athletes, be a team manager, but it’s also a big asset to be a manger and have a high position. Now, tons of firms ask their manager to do the training, so I’m pretty sure that new career path is an amazing chance for me. That’s why my new job goal is to have a job that I like and that allow me to make enough money to have a comfortable life!
Then no surprise I’m still crazy about learning more. I will get my Life Coaching certification, then I hope to get my accounting one too! And I still have my secret business plan project in mind, maybe if we go back one day in Tennessee.

Sport goals : 2014 was not a really a successful year concerning sports. I used to be totally in love with roller derby for years, then things happened and I started to hate it… so it was time to take some distance and my goal is to fall in love again with that sport and be back in Fall ’15! I also talk a lot about getting back in shape, run more, I started some running programs, then work happened… and I didn’t keep up… so 2015 has to be the year and I have to move more!! Hopefully the hubby will follow me to the gym (he wants to get back in shape too) and we will motivate each other! We were not really successful with that in 2014 and didn’t even went hiking this summer… shame on us…


Hobbies goals : I did watched too many TV shows and plan on keeping doing it (I’m addicted I think 🙂 ), I read more books than the year before for sure, but I didn’t read that much either (I won’t even tell a number it’s ridiculous…), then I didn’t have much time to do anything else… Moving got me busy tho and I went crazy on organizing everything! My parents and my parents in law came visit this year so it was fun to visit the city with them and I hope to be able to explore more in 2015!


DIY / Cooking goals : So… we started well! We cooked a lot, made things instead of buying it all processed (pizza dough, hummus, peanut butter, etc), canning our tomatoes from the yard (I probably did around 50 cans)… then we moved in a small apartment and we became lazy… However it’s our big goal in 2015 to have meal plans, and cook more often!


Home related goals : On that point we were not really successful… we moved to an apartment to save money, we couldn’t find a house cheaper than the one we were already renting, so our little dog, Randy, had to go to Tennessee with my parents in law (The hubby is sad but Randy is having the time of his life and is so spoiled!). We do not enjoy the apartment living so we decided to start looking for a house to buy… but since I got my green card just a year ago, and that I didn’t work long enough and especially not full time we can’t make a loan… However I think we were looking for a house with a price too high. We talked more about what we want to look for and we want to live more in the country and renovate our own house, so we may look for something cheaper and we will be able to find something and get a loan! However, in our last house we were able to grow our veggies from seeds (we went a little crazy and got a little too much plants), and learning form our mistakes we are ready for our next yard!!


Lifestyle goals : Well, the hubby still plays too much video game… and now the computer is in the living room so it’s an excuse for him to spend time with me… or just being in the same room lol. We both got a job, which allowed us to stop living on our credit cards and start paying them off, and I think I had too much hope on going out more because we would have money… My goal in 2015 is really to pay off all my credit cards, I already signed up for my mint account to help me out with that and I’m more than ready!! Now I have to make the hubby do the same! lol. I’m working nights only on week-ends now so we decided to make Tuesdays a date night, so we could go out to eat or go watch a movie together. We enjoyed our time away from our computers in Seattle so we want to make it an habit. I also have to do more things with my friends and not feel bad by leaving the hubby at home alone. I need my social life back and my hubby is happy just hanging out on his own drinking beer and playing video games.


My hair are still growing, I can’t stand them anymore but I need to take an appointment to cut them and donate it. The hubby has to do the same too!
Concerning planning and agendas I use the Bullet Journal technique and I love it! I still want to create my own printables and have my Arc agenda, but I love my Moleskine notepad, and I already created my entire agenda for 2015 (I will try to post pictures). I also use a second Moleskine to answer to one question a day following the 365 questions journal that Tami Taylor wrote for the blog Get it Scrapped.

2014 was not all fun and positive, I may have had too many expectations, and was looking back on my old life too much. It was a very successful year for a lot of my friends, and I think I was jealous because they were reaching some of my goals very easily and I was struggling doing anything. So I hope 2015 will be a great year and I will reach a lot of my goals finally!!

Happy New Year!!

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