March in Instagram pictures #4

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Here is a new series that I will post every month. It is not every day in one picture but most of the pictures that I post on Instagram. You may have seen some on my Instagram page, but not  others that are on my personal Instagram. Following is a little description of each picture.

March, 4th 
1. We started to grow a lot of different veggies from seeds (about 16 varieties of vegetables and flowers) on February 28th, and quickly sprouts. Here is some lettuce.
March, 7th 
2. Everything grew pretty fast. From left to right : Zucchinis, garlic, tomatoes and lettuce.
3. Something that keeps my life pretty busy, is roller derby. I play with the Rose City Rollers in Portland, OR and here is a picture of my team, the Break Neck Betties, playing against another home team of the league, the High Rollers.
March, 8th 
4. Picture that many have already seen from my article Business cards madness that I took during the bloggers speed networking meeting organized by Portland bloggers. It was such a great day, that made me want to get back on my blog and post every week.
March, 10th 
5. Veggies growing progress. Butternut squash, lemon trees (we tried to save, but could not…), avocado tree (that I started from scratch about a year ago) and zucchinis
March, 15th 
6. This is our kid, Randy, a dachshund and corgi mix, who really entertains us. He’s a rescue dog, so it is not easy to handle him all the time but he has very comical and lovable characteristics that corgi have and we love to dress him in ridiculous outfits. In this picture, he was watching me working in the yard and was upset for not being outside with me.
7. It is spring in the Northwest, and the first flowers are blooming
March, 16th 
8. I made the first box to organize my business cards a few month ago after reading the article on one of my favorite blog iHeart Organizing. I bought another one to organize all my recipes.
9. I tried to do a file organizer from cereal boxes, it was successful and I will tell you more about how to make one in another post later.
March, 17th 
10. I finally received my business cards from Moo! One for myself and one for me and my husband, with the name of our business.
March, 20th 
11. A picture of my friend Yannick Hamon‘s cooler that many have already seen from my post Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler – Portland exhibition, .
March, 21st 
12. My cousin was in town for the week-end so we walked downtown and went to Powell’s Books where we first looked for French cuisine books!
March, 22nd 
13. Blossom trees and bridge in Portland
14. Downtown walk with my French friend Marina and we could not resist to go check out the Cherry Blossoms along the river!
15. More roller derby, this time to watch the all-star team, the Wheels of Justice, play against the Los Angeles Derby Dolls (I used to play with the San Diego’s team)
March, 23rd 
16. Sunday morning at the Japanese garden in Portland, OR
17. Spring time and cherry blossoms at the Japanese garden
18. One of the best places in Portland to find French pastries and desserts is St Honoré Bakery. We wanted to try all the desserts, but we decided to only try the Gateau au Chocolat (chocolate cake), the Chocolate Raspberry Delice and the Tarte aux Fraises (Strawberry tart). Everything was delicious!
19. French paradise, lots of bread at St Honoré Bakery
20. Some more Cherry Blossoms.
March, 24th 
21. Our first arena football game in Portland. The Portland Thunder were playing against the Iowa Barnstormers. Unfortunately they lost at the last minute 36-40.
March, 28th 
22. Spring is here, and we love to eat a variety of different salads. Here is quinoa, avocados, tomatoes, corn, cranberries, garlic Boursin and homemade honey mustard vinaigrette.
23. We never get dessert at the house but I could not resist! I heard about the new flavors a while ago and I finally found one! I was delicious!!
March, 29th 
24. Here is Randy giving a back massage to my husband.