Mill City Brew Werks | Camas WA

9 Food
9.5 Drinks
7.5 Quality-price ratio
9 Atmosphere / Ambiance
8.5 Location

Last weekend we decided to go to another destination instead of Portland for a quiet Saturday night. We decided to explore around where we live, and to go to Camas, WA. Camas is a small town of around 20,000 people located East of Vancouver, along the Columbia river.

The region is known for all their bars, restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and lot more. We decided to write articles reviewing each place we visit to help assist your decision where to go eat and drink while visiting Portland OR and the surrounding areas. Everyone has a different opinion, so it’s hard to rely on one person’s rating, I will be combining mine and my husband’s opinion to give you the best review possible and recommend our favorites.

After eating at Mill City Brew Werks, we realized that this brewery is owned by Europeans 🙂 The owner is German! Mill City Brew Werks is located in Camas, WA and offer beer and cider that they produced themselves.


Mill City Brew Werks



The food menu is not huge but there are enough for anybody to find something they like. There are a few vegetarian options and also gluten free ones. All the products are fresh and seems local. We got:

  • Bavarian Pretzel as an apetizer
  • Build Your Own Burger, with avocado and swiss cheese
  • Albacore Fish & Chips

Everything was really good. The hubby loved the pretzel that was served with cheese and grounded mustard. (I did love it too 🙂 )

The burger was pretty big and you could really tell that it was made with quality ingredients and fresh. The side was sweet potatoes tots because they ran out of fries and I’m glad they did because they were amazing!! I really loved my burger and will probably get that again next time I go!

The fish was amazing! We could really tell it was fresh fish that they fried themselves instead of having frozen fish such as a lot of restaurants. The hubby usually get Fish & Chips everywhere he goes, so we know how to recognize good ones or not, and I think this one was the best I ever tried!

My rate: 8.5 (I’m being super picky, it was amazing, but being a Frenchie, its was still burgers… which is entirely normal for a brewery)
His rate: 9.5



Mill City Brew Werks beer samplerThey have a large variety of beer, cider and even a big whine list. Which was awesome because usually in breweries you find mainly beers.

We got a beer sampler, you could pick 4 different beers or ciders to try. The hubby then got another beer to drink with his meal. We got:

  • Zech Bavarian Hefe-Weizen (ABV 5.5%  IBU 11)
  • Log Splitter Imperial IPA (ABV 10%  IBU 100)
  • Dominant Blonde (ABV 6.3% IBU 58)
  • Kölsch (ABV 4.5% IBU 22)
  • Pear Cider

Our favorites, for me of course the cider that was really good and the Kölsch. For the hubby, he loved the Log Splitter Imperial IPA but he recommend to try the Zech Bavarian Hefe-Weizen for its cloudy banana twist.

My rate: 9
His rate: 10


Quality-price ratio

We paid $12.5 for the burger which is not super expensive for a restaurant, especially since it was prepared with fresh quality products.

Fish & Fish was $17, which is a little more expensive than in other restaurant, but it was justified since the fish was amazing.

Our total bill was around $62, which is more expensive than other restaurants in the area especially Portland. Not sure about the prices in other restaurants in Camas, they may be about the same. But honestly it was so good that we will be back and we don’t really care about the price.

My rate: 7.5
His rate: 7.5


Atmosphere / Ambiance

For me breweries usually look the same, an industrial look, not really what you find in Europe, but since they produce their own beer, there decorate it pretty well. It was very clean, bright and  quiet. We didn’t come during a busy time, but they were really organized and quiet even in the kitchen. The atmosphere was really enjoyable and friendly, employees were really nice and the person that took care of our order was really knowledgeable in beers and recommended us some good one.

My rate8.5
His rate9.5

Mill City Brew Werks



The brewery is in Camas, so it’s about 25 minutes away from downtown Portland if you don’t get traffic, that is why I will give a lower rate because majority of readers will be in Portland. However, if you live in Vancouver like us, it will be the ideal location since it’s pretty close. They have some outside sitting if you want to bring your dog, and parking is available in the street. We went on a Saturday night and we found a parking spot easily even if a lot of people were going to the theater or other restaurants, but for lunch it may be complicated to park with all the businesses being open. Otherwise, the brewery is really easy to spot, in the main street at a corner, you can’t miss it!

My rate: 8
His rate: 9

Mill City Brew Werks

More informations

  • Address: 339 NE Cedar St, Camas, WA 98607
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am-10pm | Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm
  • Website:
  • Happy hour available: Yes
  • Vegetarian Options: Yes
  • Gluten Free Options: Yes
  • Kids Menu: Yes