Site Policies

Copyright & Attribution

Content on this website is public information, however it is my own property and cannot be used without my consent. All the information are registered and copyrighted with Use without written permission, failure to link back and credit French Spark as a source constitutes a copyright violation.

Information and content of that website include text, recipes, photographs, graphic design.

What is forbidden without my written consent :

  • Copy of any information and content
  • Reproduction of any information and content
  • Redistribution of any information and content
  • Sell any information and content
  • Use for commercial purposes any information and content
  • Translation in another language than French and English

Sharing rules :

  • Includes text, recipes and photographs. Graphic design cannot be used at anytime
  • Sharing means : share it on your blog, post it on social media, pin it

What do you have to do if you share my information and content :

  • Do not alter the content
  • Do not claim it as your own
  • Link it back to French Spark with a link or a button to give credits
  • Pictures should remain in their original state and with rights protection

Please do not use any photos or content without permission first, ask me at Registered & Protected  GOMU-KJBO-MNMA-81O3


The posts of that blog are written by myself and related of my own experiences, and reflect my own point of view, preferences, and tastes.

I will be pleased to review products or services, or advertise a brand, however I will stay honest with my readers, and will give my opinion whether my point of view is negative or positive.
Nothing will influence my opinion, and make me write something that I don’t really think and believe in.

I will not write a review on a product without using and trying that product, or just in exchange of compensation. The content of my website is what I think and is my own opinion, which should be honest in respect of my readers.
Any ad, giveaway, review, or other, will be picked by myself and should be related to the content of my website.